Collect art. Anyone can do it and it's worth it.

Collect art. Anyone can do it and it's worth it.

Quite often art collecting is considered to be the privilege of the rich. No wonder - artworks have always been a part of luxury.

But times are changing, the art market is growing, the number of art creators has grown, technologies allow to reproduce original art into quality prints and multiples and all that makes art more affordable.

I believe that everyone can start collecting art. The first steps do not require huge amount of money and the process is very interesting and pleasing.

Here are my top reasons why you should start collecting artworks:

  1. Art is irreplaceable, necessary for any interior decor.
  2. Art introduces you to very interesting people - artists.
  3. Art helps to make new friends, who share the same passion as you.
  4. Discovering and buying art is a very pleasant and interesting process.
  5. Art is a mood booster and helps to relieve stress.
  6. Art might be a good investment, if you ever dare to sell it :).

You may also want to take a look at this video I have created where I discuss the above. 

Art collecting has definitely enriched my own life and I would like to share my discoveries with you. Now let's discuss all arguments in more detail.

Art makes your home beautiful and impressive

You don't need to buy famous names and expensive artworks if you want to own a charming art collection.

There is a lot of professional, high quality art created by talented people that does not cost millions and is really affordable.

Owning a collection, even a small one, will fill your home with beauty and very special aura. Art will inspire you every day and impress your guests.

Black and white abstract art on paper

Art on paper is an affordable first step in starting a collection. Artwork in the photo - Sign No. 33 by Gina Vor

Art introduces you to interesting people

The popular stereotype is that all artists are a bit out of this space, a little bit crazy and strange.

While this stereotype is not necessarily always true, artists are very interesting people indeed.

You will have inspiring, mind challenging and deep conversations while looking for a perfect work of art. Some artists are philosophical and poetic, others are optimists, with very good sense of humour.

Whatever personality you meet - you will never be bored discussing anything, be it art, politics or weather. 

Collect art

Art helps to make new friends

When you start collecting art, you start visiting exhibitions, art fairs and other gatherings for art lovers.

Common passion unites people, so soon you will become friends with those who share the same passion as you. 

It feels good to buy art

Acquiring art provides a lot of satisfaction. First of all, because you are bringing a beautiful piece to your home and it will last a long time, even for generations. You bond with art and it becomes an extension of your personality.

Secondly, you support the creator of an artwork that you liked so much and it is not just about finance. It is important for artists to know that people love and appreciate their work.

Art buyers motivate and inspire artists to create more art and it sure feels good to know that you are making the other person happy, that you motivate a talent to create more beautiful things. 

Framed art print on canvas

Melody, limited edition print on canvas by artist Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis.

Art is a therapy

Most people in the modern world suffer from stress and tension. It is not a mystery anymore and has been scientifically proofed that art has a very positive therapeutic impact on us by activating pleasure centres in our brain.

Hang a beautiful painting in your living room and chill out on the sofa looking at it - you will feel relaxed and carried away in a pleasant phantasy world.

Art is everything you might need at the end of a busy day.

Art might be a good investment (if you dare to sell it :)

While I am a strong believer that art should not be purchased purely for investment purposes, but should be acquired because of aesthetical admiration, I can not deny that artworks, created by professional established artists, might be a good investment, especially in the long run.

Of course buying an artwork from the artist who is just starting out might be risky, but if you want more grantees - you will have to spend more cash as well and go for a recognised name.

Whatever your decision is, let me warn you - according to market reports, most collectors prefer to keep their collection and seldom sell their work.

I personally think they get attached to the art they own and at the end of the day, owning art becomes more important that making a profit :)

Contemporary bronze sculptureAlone - contemporary bronze sculpture by Aurelija Šimkutė.

Did I persuade you to start an art collection? If yes, I would recommend to check one of my earlier blog posts where I am explaining how to buy art

You might also want visit my online gallery and take a look at quality, affordable contemporary art.

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