How to buy abstract art online

How to buy abstract art online

You have opened this blog post, so you must definitely love abstract art. It is always nice to meet another contemporary art lover and I am glad to share my knowledge with you about buying abstract art online.

I think that an abstract painting is a perfect choice for several reasons: it will never be boring, it compliments modern interiors nicely and good abstractions always fill the room with vibrant energy (especially artworks created in my favourite abstract expressionism style!).

However, choosing an abstract artwork, particularly if you are thinking about buying one online, might be quite challenging because there are soooo many works of art available for sale. Art platforms offer tens of thousands of abstract paintings, drawings and prints that come in variety of styles and sizes, so how should you choose the one that is right for you?

The decision is much easier when you know what exactly it is you want (what kind of style, colour schemes and mediums you will be looking at) and how much money you are willing to spend on your online purchase.

Let’s discuss all these subjects in more detail.

The Price Ranges of Abstract Art

The price of the artwork is determined by several factors: is it an original painting or a print (and how many copies are available), size, framing and, of course the name of the artist - paintings created by the art world celebrities cost millions and those artists, who live in your neighbourhood and are not so famous would sell a painting at really affordable price.

So let’s review the price ranges starting from most affordable artworks.

1. The most affordable art is printable art.

You may fetch it for a fraction of the price, but you will have to print the artwork yourself. This modern digital form of art has many advantages and if you are interested in the details — check my earlier blog post about printable art.

Prices of downloadable and printable artworks start only at few dollars/euros. The process of acquiring such artwork is quite easy — files are instantly available for download upon checkout and all you have to do is decide where you will print it and in what size.

Printable abstract art

"Ocean" - printable abstract artwork by Gina Vor.

2. Tight budget? Choose abstract art prints.

If you are not keen on printing and framing the artwork yourself, art prints is definitely an affordable option as well. The prices of prints also vary and depend on the format, medium, edition size and name of the artist.

Modern technology offers a lot of options for art lovers, artworks may be printed on paper, canvas and even unusual mediums like timber.

Prices of high quality limited edition prints start from about hundred dollars/euros, and may go up to a few thousand (or even much more if the artist is a celebrity and the edition is really small).

If you decide to buy an abstract print, make sure it is of high quality. I would advice to concentrate on those printed in limited editions, so the artwork you own is more unique and therefore - more valuable.

Large abstract art print on canvas

Me in front of abstract art print "Motive of The Lake" by Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis.

Personally I am a big fan on prints on canvas and the main reason is that they can be hanged stretched and unlike prints on paper do not require framing with glass, which means the artwork won’t have reflections. I also like the texture of canvas, but one must bear in mind that not all artworks look good on this medium and it may be better to print them on flat surface, it really depends on the artwork. My online gallery offers limited editions prints on canvas and a few on paper. Take a look at all prints if you want to understand the difference better.

3. Want a unique piece? Go for original abstract art.

OK, so you decided that prints and printables are not for you want to buy original abstract painting. Smart choice! Unique artworks are always special because they are hand made, one of the kind and of a higher value than multiples. The good news is — you can again find an original that suits your budget, because there is plenty of affordable abstract art in the market. However, if you can afford an artwork created by established, professional artist — definitely go for it, because it will enrich your collection and gain more value with time.

You can buy a small original abstract painting for a hundred or two, the prices of large affordable artworks usually start at five-six hundred and may go up to several thousand (or hundred thousand, or millions, depending on the hype).

Abstract painting to buy online

Abstract painting "Portrait of a Super Virus" by R.Wayne Reynolds

Artworks on paper, canvas and board

I would like to talk about several different kinds of original artworks, because each of them also have it’s own specifics.

Works on Paper

I think this is one of the most overlooked mediums. There are so many reasons why I would advice to explore abstract art on paper. Abstract drawings and paintings on paper are a superb way to start a contemporary art collection! They are affordable (often cost less than a hundred) and yet original, they don’t take up too much space and you can arrange several pieces to create a charming gallery wall.

Abstract art on paper

Abstract triptych on paper by Gina Vor.

Paintings on Canvas

The most traditional painting technique is oil or acrylics on canvas and probably it is the most popular medium among artists and art buyers because of it’s resistance for time. If you buy an artwork created on canvas you can be sure that it will last for generations to come. Obviously, paintings on canvas are more expensive than ones on paper, but yet again, it also depends on the professionalism and acknowledgement of the artist.

Abstract painting on canvas

Abstractions on Board

Paintings on board are not as common as the ones on canvas, but this medium also has it’s positive sides. It is also very resistant and will not need regular stretching or re-stretching, because the board is always flat (as opposite to canvas which moves together with a natural deformation of wooden stretcher). I have a feeling that buyers might be concerned if such paintings will last, but I can assure that paintings on board are also very durable. My online gallery offers paintings on board from 1974 and they are in perfect condition!

"Fugue" - abstract painting on board by Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis.

Buying Abstract Art Online

I hope all the above helps you to have a better idea about abstract artworks available on the market.

Now that you know about abstract art mediums and price ranges, it will be easier to filter out your ideal artwork at any online art gallery.

Before you make a purchase, make sure that:

  1. the painting is signed by the artist;
  2. preferably the artwork comes with Certificate of Authenticity;
  3. you are happy with the delivery fees;
  4. you are aware about import duties that may be applicable if you are buying an artwork overseas.

If you still need more guidance on choosing an artwork, you might like my earlier blog post “How to buy art that you will love forever”.

Otherwise, you are welcome to visit my online gallery and choose a beautiful abstract painting, charming abstraction on paper or a modern printable. Art Goda offers curated, handpicked artworks, so you won't have to spend a lots of time browsing for your perfect piece of art :)

Oh, and if you liked my blog — don’t forget to subscribe and I will e-mail you once a month to let you know about new charming arrivals and new blog posts you might be interested in.

Any questions? Just drop me a line!


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