Aloyzas Smilingis - Elis

Artist Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis

Elis (1938-2023) is a famous Lithuanian painter and sculptor. His talent for drawing was recognised when he was still a schoolboy. Determination to become a professional artist led him to the Academy of Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania. Search for self expression brought him into the three dimensional world of sculpture. Bronze, granite and other materials obeyed him and despite his non-conformist approach and mode of expression, artist became famous in the former Soviet Union.

In the 80’s, during his visit in USA, Elis met Willem de Kooning and exchanged creative ideas. This meeting was a great inspiration and since then Elis is dedicating all his creative energy to abstract paintings.

“Artistic ideas are more important than a number of exhibitions, prestigious projects or faithfulness to one genre or style. I am not keen on reproducing myself. My thinking is changing and so does my art. I remain self-critical and walk on,” - says Elis.

Artist resides and works in Lithuania, his art is owned by several Lithuanian museums and belong to private collectors in Australia, Italy, USA, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania and Japan.

This collection represents very early paintings, bronze sculptures as well as recently created digital abstractions and digitally manipulated abstract prints.