ART GODA is an online contemporary art boutique, specialising in abstract art, contemporary sculpture and limited edition prints.

We represent talented artists who do not belong to the closed circle of the art world elite, but nevertheless are creating beautiful artworks and are truly devoted to their creative ideas.

Good art does not have to cost millions, everyone deserves to live in a beautiful and inspiring environment and our mission is to help people finding good art that would please their sight everyday and is also affordable. 

All artworks listed in this online gallery are carefully curated by it's founder Goda Smilingyte (more info about her on is available on our blog).

She is not just representing the artists, but also is an art collector with a goal to own at least one piece from each artists she represents. At the moment her collection consists of paintings, sculptures and decor objects created by six artists.

Art Goda is based in Switzerland and represents international artists from Switzerland, Eastern Europe and USA.