ART GODA is an online contemporary art boutique, specialising in abstract art, contemporary sculpture and limited edition prints.



My name is Goda and I am the founder of an online boutique ART GODA

Before starting my own art business, I have served as a public face and voice of Lithuanian Olympic Team and have managed media and public relations for elite athletes in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, Youth Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, European Games in Baku as well as in many other international events in Lithuania and abroad. 

I was born into the family of a famous Lithuanian artist Aloyzas Smilingis and his Muse. Since childhood I have had a possibility to meet most prominent Lithuanian painters, sculptors and art experts. I witnessed how art is born, heard reflections about the most exciting exhibitions and development of contemporary art trends. 

Most probably growing with a painting brush in my mouth has lead me to where I am today, to my long-cherished dream called ART GODA - an art dealing boutique based in Switzerland. 

I started my career as a marketing and PR officer at the British Embassy in Lithuania. For almost seven years in addition to strengthening UK-Lithuanian trade relations I had been initiating and managing  many first-ever public diplomacy campaigns and events, including the royal visit of Prince Charles, perfume presentation by Paul Smith as well as numerous art and business exhibitions. I also managed complex marketing and PR activities for several leading real estate, finance and IT goods companies. 

In addition to my native Lithuanian, I am fluent in English and Russian, I speak German and some Italian. 

Curiosity and constant quest for knowledge paired with my intuitive ability to choose both beautiful and valuable pieces of art is the most powerful driving force for myself and behind ART GODA brand.

I stepped into the world of art business with a very clear vision - to inspire peoples lives by introducing them to talented artists and their work. There is a lot of good art that is affordable, but it is quite challenging to discover it, so here I am to help.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you are looking for good art. Live is much better when you are living with it :)

If you are an artist looking for representation - please note that I am working only with artists that I know personally.