Curated abstract art
Large abstract art prints on canvas

this is not another art sales platform, we only sell art that we would buy ourselves

Curated Abstract Paintings
A vibrant splash of colours and emotions — certainly a must have for every art lover.
Unique contemporary bronze sculpture
Unique bronze and stone sculptures cerated by professional artists fill the space with very special aura.
Large limited edition abstract fine art prints on canvas, giclèe prints
Large limited edition prints on canvas — affordable way to style your home or office space.

Don't wait until christmas fever hits you, choose an artsy gift now!


Petite Paintings
Powerful and affordable, perfect for small spaces ad gallery walls.

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I bought a limited print edition from Marko Gavrilovic that looks incredible. Goda's boutique worth the tour since her owner is dedicated to the artists she presents.


A gallery that introduced me to hidden gems of Lithuanian contemporary art. Smilingis works inspire me and it is great to have the "Sunset" in front of me every day.


Very serious and professional gallery, promoting amazing artists. Goda, the owner, has definitely a great taste to find and encourage contemporary art.


Since we hanged the “Motive of the Lake I” on our wall, our home is filled with positive energy. Thank you.


Only after I’ve come across ArtGoda, I’ve realised that great and valuable art may also be affordable. ArtGoda is a unique gallery where high-tech meets art, offering best of the best service and profound consultations simultaneously.


Great pieces of contemporary art!


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We believe that your love for art will have a happy ending, but in case it does not work out, we promise to reimburse your purchase. Please read our Refund Policy for details.

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