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Visual Art - The Definition

Visual Art - The Definition

What is Visual Art

Visual art includes all art that we can see. It consists of many different art forms, from ancient to contemporary ones. The term covers fine artdecorative art and commercial art. The typical types and examples of visual arts are:

  • Painting;
  • Drawing;
  • Printmaking;
  • Sculpture;
  • Architecture;
  • Photography;
  • Video and filmmaking;
  • Textile art;
  • Design;
  • Fashion;
  • Conceptual art;
  • Performing arts (theater, dance);
  • Crafts.

So, the three main categories of visual art are:

  1. Fine Art;
  2. Decorative art;
  3. Commercial Art.

Fine Art

The major distinction of fine art is that it is created purely for aesthetic and/or intellectual purposes and does not have any practical function.

Paintings and sculptures are perfect examples - they are created solely to satisfy our aesthetic needs and do not have any practical purpose.

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Decorative Art

Objects that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional are classified as decorative arts and include many forms, such as ceramics, jewelry, fashion, furniture, glassware etc. 

Commercial Art

Commercial art is created with a purpose to sell something and includes logos, branding and advertising.

It is used in labelling mass products and requires strong design skills from it's creators.

Commercial art is rather a service than an object, because it is created upon commission with a precise marketing purpose and is to published in variety of channels - television, websites, print media, etc.

Visual Art FAQ

Can visual art be digital?

Yes, because it is an art form we can see.

Why visual art is important?

Visual art includes many forms of art that we enjoy every day. It satisfies our aesthetic and intellectual needs, we live surrounded with visual art objects and use them every day. Besides, visual art is a part of our consumer culture.

How visual art is different form performance art?

Visual art is an umbrella term that covers performance art. Visual art includes performance arts like theater and dance.

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