The Best Art For Japandi Interior

The Best Art For Japandi Interior

The interior design world has been thriving about Japandi style for several years now. No wonder - it is a very elegant and tranquil concept and one of the most important elements when incorporating it in your space - is Japandi art.

I will share a few ideas and tips about choosing artworks that match this amazing style best and also recommend a few. But let's start from the basics.

What is Japandi

What Is Japandi Style

Japandi is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. It is a minimalist style, embracing the beauty of nature, calming colours and imperfections.

Japandi interiors are dominated by natural materials (wood, stone) and tranquil colour schemes (black, white, beige, brown, grey, sky blue, pale pink).

Special accents are created with art, functional accessories and plants.

How to Japandi

How To Japandi Your Home

Good news! Japandi embraces simplicity and minimalism, so creating such interior is not difficult and quite affordable.

Here are few tips that will help you transform your space into functional, minimalist sophisticated Japandi.

  • Walls - choose a natural and soft colour palette.
  • Floor - wooden, bamboo or textile carpet in neutral colours and minimalist ornaments. 
  • Furniture - simple shapes, functional, sustainable, minimalist, wooden.
  • Lighting - modern, elegant designs, neutral colours contrasting the space.
  • Art - minimalist, monochrome or black and white paintings, with details matching or contrasting the interior
  • Accessories - curvy, rustic, imperfect.
  • Plants - green and/or dried.

Remember the golden rule: less is more!

Japandi decor accesories

Japandi Painting

Art is definitely the core element of any interior decor and Japandi is no exception. I am a huge fan of abstract art and am sure it is a perfect fit for Japandi interiors.

The best art for Japandi decor:

  1. Minimalist;
  2. Abstract;
  3. Neutral and natural colours;
  4. Black and white;
  5. Black and white with colourful accents;
  6. Monochrome;
  7. Large formats.

Our favourite Japandi paintings

1. Original abstract painting "White And Black No. 2" by artist Gina Vor.

Japandi painting

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2. Abstract painting on canvas "Pastel Dreams 2", by Gina Vor.

Japandi artwork

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3. Acrylic painting "Follow The Line 3", by Gina Vor.

Japandi style wall art

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4. Original black and white painting "Depending On Each Other", by R. Wayne Reynolds.

Japandi art, abstract painting

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Japandi Gallery Wall Art

If you are decorating a smaller space or do not have enough budget for large original paintings, gallery wall is always a good solution. Create it using minimalist original artworks on paper, prints and/or printables. 

Our favourite Japandi gallery wall art

1. Ink drawing on paper, "Small Sign No. 42" by artist Gina Vor.

Japandi art for gallery wall

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2. Ink drawing on paper, "Sign No. 35" by artist Gina Vor.

Japandi art for sale

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3. Charcoal drawing on paper, "Vision 9" by artist Gina Vor.

Japandi Art

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4. Printable art, "Mind Map 1" by artist Gina Vor.

Japandi printable wall art

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5. Original abstract painting on canvas, Blue Sign No. 1

Where To Buy Japandi Art

Are you looking for Japandi artwork? Then visit our online gallery and browse our collection of original and printable art that matches this interior trend perfectly. 

Need assistance or advice? Just drop me a line on


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