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How to buy art that you will love forever

How to buy art that you will love forever

We need art to satisfy our aesthetic and intellectual needs. People are looking for works of art to decorate their home and some want to start collecting, but everyone are facing the question - how to buy art? The choice is enormous, especially at online art galleries, so this short guide will help you to choose an artwork, that you will love forever.

Most common questions art buyers have

The process of buying art may raise a lot of questions and doubts, especially if you are not an experienced art buyer or a collector who navigates like a fish in the sea of art.

The most common questions that art buyers have are:

  • I do not know much about art, how do I know I am buying a good piece?
  • What if I buy an artwork won’t like it after some time?
  • Can I really afford original art?
  • How do I know if I am not overpaying?
  • Will it really suit the interior?
  • Will my family and guests like it?

If these or similar questions have crossed your mind, here are my tips on...

How to buy art

Follow this simple steps to buy art with confidence.

  1. Define what art do you really like.
  2. Decide on the medium and the subject.
  3. Think where do you want to place and/or store your art.
  4. Set the budget.
  5. Search, don't rush enjoy the process!

Now let's talk about each of those steps in more detail.

1. Define what art do you really like

It may not be as easy as it seems! There are so many art forms and interesting artists out there and one may be really confused.

There is only way to define your taste for art — start looking at it more often: visit exhibitions, browse online, peek into artist’s profiles on social media and soon you will develop a good eye for art.

You will know exactly whether you are a fan of black and white photography or colourful abstract paintings.

2. Decide on the medium and the subject

Now that you know what kind of art uplifts and moves you, it is quite easy to decide what kind of artworks you will be looking for (paintings, sculptures, photos or prints) and what should it portray (landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, figurative or abstract).

3. Think where do you want to place your art

You maybe looking just for one painting for an empty wall in your living room, but if you have more empty spaces — think carefully how many pieces are you really looking to buy.

Maybe these empty corners deserve a three dimensional sculpture?

Of course you do not have to decorate the whole house at once, but estimating approximate number of artworks will help to plan your budget.

If you are buying art for a collection, consider the storage. Art needs secure premises with steady temperature and low humidity. 

4. Set the budget

Identifying a budget will help you to avoid overspending and ease the decision and negotiation process. It is also a good filter that helps you decide which art galleries and fairs you should attend or where to look for artworks online.

5. Search, don't rush and enjoy the process!

Have you ever bought an artwork spontaneously, possibly during a very relaxed vacation, and now you don’t know what to do with it, because you don’t like it anymore?

Well, to avoid these situations — do a little research and give yourself some time.

I’ve read somewhere that buying art is like falling in love. It may take time to find a perfect match, but when you see an artwork you love, you will know it immediately!

But make sure it is a thoughtful decision so this love lasts forever…

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Photo: I am holding a painting by R.Wayne Reynolds.


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