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How to buy abstract art online

How to buy abstract art online

So, you decided to buy abstract painting online, but are overwhelmed with the amount of artworks available for sale on the internet?

Actually, finding the perfect work of art for your collection or home decor is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. All you have to do is follow this process:

  1. Decide why you are buying abstract art.
  2. Find out what kind of abstract paintings you like.
  3. Consider the size and set the budget.
  4. Find the art you love and negotiate.
  5. Mind the authenticity, payment and shipping.

Now I will go through each of these steps that will help you find a perfect contemporary painting.

1. Why are you buying abstract art?

It is not self explanatory - buying art for collection or decoration purposes are two different things. 

Collectable art is usually created by professional artists, who have built their name in the art world (established artists) or are just starting a promising career (emerging artists). Art created by established and emerging artists is usually more expensive and is sold through galleries and/or auction houses.

If you are looking for paintings to decorate your home - good news - you will be able to choose from more affordable artworks. Although they may also be sold by galleries, you can fetch some really beautiful creations for reasonable prices, because they are not created by celebrity artists.

So, collecting art has an investment and prestige angle, whereas art for interior decor gives you the freedom to buy whatever you like.

Abstract art for home decor, blue and white painting

2. What kind of abstract paintings do you like?

There are many movements in abstract art, but if I had to name the most popular styles, it would be:
  • Geometric art;
  • Abstract expressionism;
  • Op Art;
  • Action painting;
  • Minimalism;
  • Abstract landscapes and cityscapes.
Paintings can be executed in many different colour schemes, they can be:
  • Colourful;
  • Monochrome;
  • Black and White.

The best way to find out what kind of abstract paintings you like is by looking at as many artworks as possible. Visit museums, gallery exhibitions and browse artworks online. 

Soon you will know exactly what your favourite style is and what colours you prefer (if you have a preference for colour at all).

3. Consider the size and set the budget

There is a clear intention why I am discussing size and budget in the same chapter - they are closely related. The larger the painting - the more expensive it is.

Don’t forget that framing also costs. You might get in touch with your local framing shop and get an approximate quote for the artwork size you are about to purchase.

Not all paintings on canvas require a frame, especially if their edges are nicely finished, but all works on paper will definitely need a frame with a UV protective glass.

Keep that in mind when setting the budget. Once you know what you can afford - start browsing online and filter the artworks according to the criteria we have already discussed, that is:

  • Purpose;
  • Style;
  • Colour;
  • Size;
  • Budget.

Whether you are looking for art at online galleries or art selling platforms, this will help you to narrow down search results.

Abstract painting for sale online

4. Find the art you love and negotiate

Identify several abstract paintings you like and try to get a good deal by reaching out to the gallery or artist directly. 

Do you like several artworks? You should definitely be able to get a good deal! 
Original paintings are quite expensive, so creators are often open to negotiation.

5. Authenticity, payment and shipping.

There are several common methods to prove the authenticity of artwork:

  1. The signature;
  2. Certificate of Authenticity.

As you are buying art online, it would be worth checking whether the artwork is signed and/or certified.

Use secure payment methods to buy art. If the website does not accept credit cards - use PayPal. You may also pay by the bank transfer, but make sure that you trust the seller. I would recommend signing a contract beforehand if the painting is expensive.

When finalising your purchase, be it an artist or a gallery, you have to discuss the shipping process and costs. The most important questions to ask:

  • Who pays for art shipping?
  • How is it packed?
  • Is there an insurance and who is covering it?
  • How long would the shipping take?
  • Will you be able to track a package with a tracking code?
  • Who is responsible for paying import taxes (if any)?
That’s about it. I hope you found this information helpful and if you are looking for art - please visit my online gallery that offers beautiful contemporary art for sale online.