Aurelija Šimkute

Contemporary Artist Sculptor Aurelija Simkute

Young and talented Lithuanian artist began her career as a jeweller.

With her growth as an artist her creations grew as well and now she is making strong steps towards the world of sculpture.

Her art is full of positive emotions — compassion, tenderness, happiness, humour and sometimes self-reflective sarcasm.

It becomes clear at a glance, that her sculptures have been made with jeweller’s precision and motherly tenderness. Charming bronze characters tell interesting and powerful stories about of life and feelings.

”I started creating larger objects and I do not want to go back. There is much more space for imagination and the creation process is so engaging and pleasing. I can see my art in large formats. This is my goal now,” - says Aurelija.

Aurelija is an active participant in exhibitions. Since her graduation of Academy of Arts in Vilnius, she took part in 5 solo and 17 group shows. 

Her sculptures are mysterious and and funny, sarcastic and emotional. Her inspiration comes from childhood as well as from observations of our society and human emotions. Every bronze creature symbolises a certain emotion, behaviour or a very special story.