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Distant Artist Creates Mysterious Sculptures

Distant Artist Creates Mysterious Sculptures

Artist Gedminas Endriekus is a sculptor, who's art has already found a way into the hearts of collectors around Europe.

His sculptures reside in the homes of art lovers in France, Germany and Switzerland.

No wonder - mysterious artworks created by this young emerging sculptor, are taking us to the deepest corners of subconsciousness and are revealing human feelings in a very special and unexpected way.

Meeting one of his creations is always unforgettable and it is not easy to let them go.

Bronze sculpture art

Girl, Bronze Sculpture by Gediminas Endriekus, 2018

Gediminas is not one of those active artists who are seen everywhere, from Instagram to art fairs. Instead, he takes a different and distant approach to the art world.

It is not easy to make him talk, but I did :) So here is a short interview with a Lithuanian sculptor, who's art, I am sure, will soon be admired all over the world.

Why Did You Choose A Career In Sculpture Art?

I was engaged in creative activities since early childhood and liked to create figures from plasticine.

As a teenager I developed an interest in biology, anthropology, archeology and music, but when time came to choose a profession, I decided to study sculpture.

I began my career as a bronze caster and at the same time, while working at the bronze foundry in Vilnius, I started to create my own work quite intensively.

Contemporary bronze sculpture art

Forest, Bronze Sculpture by Gediminas Endriekus, 2018

How Would You Describe Your Art?

Shapes of my sculptures are usually calm, soft and natural: standing, moving or sitting. They are abstract human figures, soft, stiffed in their movements.

I also like to portray surrealistic creatures that either remind forms of the plants or turn into geometric shapes.

My human figures are often abstract and faceless. Sitting figures are are actually not sitting on the chair – it is a par of their body, in other words – the chair does not exist.

I am concerned about human nature and the meaning of existence, so my works are quite philosophical, reflecting our emotions, dilemmas of life and sometimes irony.

Bronze sculpture, Gediminas Endriekus

Condition II, Bronze Sculpture by Gediminas Endriekus, 2018

It is not easy to find you online. Quite unusual for a contemporary artist?

I am quite closed and prefer my works to speak for themselves.

Why did you choose a solitary life as an artist?

I try to be distant from consumerism and various influences and prefer to communicate with people through my work.

Sculptures help me to express my thoughts and ideas and I hope they also help other people to understand me as an artist and as a personality.

In other words, the art is my language and shapes are my words.

Bronze sculpture of a woman

Fulness, Bronze Sculpture by Gediminas Endriekus, 2018

Why did you choose bronze as your main medium?

I think that there are not too many artists who work with metal with days.

Contemporary world influences sculptors to create fast, to use other materials that are handled easier. This is the reason why I do my best not be a part of the competition.

Working with bronze and other metals does require talent but it is also a very hard physical work.

Artist Gediminas Endriekus

I am faithful to this technique, because the results of hard work give me a lot of satisfaction, as well as the process itself: starting with a sketch and seeing your creation developed in three dimensional shape, perfecting and finishing it.

My major motivation is the challenge. Easy path is not interesting for me, so I chose the beautiful and unpredictable bronze.

What are your major sources of inspiration?

I am inspired by Lithuanian villages and landscapes, paintings of Lithuanian symbolist M.K. Ciurlionis and music of compositors like Krzysztof Penderecki, Gyorgy Ligetti, Morton Feldman.


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