Gediminas Endriekus

Artist Gediminas Endriekus

It is not easy to locate this sculptor in the contemporary world of information and media. That’s because Gediminas is not chasing fame and titles — the process of creation is all that matters to him.

The artist chose to isolate himself from the hectic world and unnecessary influences.

His art is inspired by feelings, visions from the past and current emotional state.

Some of his sculptures are realistic and figurative, others remind of phantasmagoric creatures or plants from other worlds. 

"Since childhood I was interested in things that were not interesting to others. Very often I behaved in completely different way than I was told to, so I like to do everything my way and am not looking at others. I do not learn from mistakes of others, I rather make my own. Sculpture is hard work for hands, back and lungs. But when your head is happy about the things you do, then difficulties do not matter,” - says young sculptor.

Our collection of contemporary bronze sculptures by an emerging Lithuanian artist Gediminas Endriekus is an interesting discovery to every sophisticated art collector. Every artwork created by this talented artist is an expression of pure emotion or a trip to a fantasy world.

His art is already appreciated by collectors in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and his homeland Lithuania.