Vladas Kanciauskas

Artist Vladas Kanciauskas

Author of indoor and outdoor sculptures, describes himself as a symbolist.

His works combine different materials: granite and marble, steel and bronze. He emphasises line and colour, reflections and shadows and is inspired by nature, so often impressive animals, plants and insects are reproduced from stone and metal.

Vladas is a very poetic personality and some of his sculptures are engraved with philosophical verse.

In 1989-1990 Vladas improved his skills and knowledge in USA. He is an active participant of symposiums in exhibitions.

His sculptures are owned by private collectors in Germany, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Israel.

“Human eyes are searching for beauty and pleasure, and when it is found, the tear appears, because one has a desire to touch and caress beautiful things. The same happens with sculptor’s work — if people want to touch it, it means the art is beautiful. My art is a journey from concrete to abstract, because abstraction is the highest form of mankind’s thinking. The highest form of art is a symbol, as it reflects global culture and art,” - says Mr. Kanciauskas. 

Well known for his monumental artworks, Lithuanian sculptor Vladas Kanciauskas is also a talented creator of smaller scale sculptures that are a nice and stylish addition to contemporary interiors.