Gina Vor

Contemporary abstract artist Gina Vor

Gina Vor is a contemporary abstract artist residing in Switzerland. She practises several styles and is passionate both about abstract expressionism and minimalism. Gina creates art on various mediums and in various sizes - miniature and large paintings on canvas, board and paper are executed with acrylics, ink and mixed media, as well as digital abstract art.

She has been drawing and painting her whole life, since very early childhood. All her parents had to do to keep her quiet was giving her a sheet of paper and some coloured pencils. She drew all the time and everywhere, including the walls of her childhood apartment.

At the age of five, Gina created a series of nudes. Her Mother was in shock and her Father, who is an artist, said that the drawings had good and nice curves.

Gina decided to stay away from artistic influences and did not study art on purpose. She hardly exhibits, because she does not want to participate in the theatre of publicity.

"All I want is people to feel a connection with my art and if they do, I will gladly say farewell to my artwork travelling to a new home", - explains the artist.

Experimenting and creating is what matters to her most, trying to stay away from the art world buzz as far as possible, she decided to create under pseudonym of Gina Vor.

Colourful, charming, detailed, eye catching and affordable — these artworks are a perfect choice for those who are just starting an art collection, are looking for an interesting addition for the gallery wall or possibly — a unique present.

No wonder that art created by Gina Vor has already found it's way into the hearts of collectors in USA, France and United Kingdom.