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Is it safe to buy art online?

Is it safe to buy art online?

You are probably a very busy person as most contemporary humans and this is the time when you are starting thinking about buying a piece of art. You do not have time to do a gallery crawl, you don’t want to wait for another art fair and so you are considering buying an artwork online. Art costs much more than other goods we usually buy online, so you have doubts if your purchase will be secure and your order won’t result in a failure and frustration.

In this blog post I am listing the most common fairs of buying art online, advice how to make sure your online purchase is safe and you will be happy with it.

1. Will the artwork look as good in reality as it looks on a screen?

Believe me, if you like this tiny image on your computer or phone screen, you will definitely love the artwork when it arrives, because it will be much bigger, you will be able to see true colours, shapes and textures. If you have any doubts about the appearance of the artwork you like, feel free to ask the artist or the gallery to e-mail you more detailed photos.

2. How do I know the artwork is unique?

Before you buy an artwork online make sure it is signed and dated. If it has an edition — it has to be numbered. Artists and galleries usually provide Certificates of Authenticity, so don’t be shy to ask if there is one accompanying the work you have chosen. New technologies also help to prove authenticity of artworks and track provenance — ART GODA partners with an online certification service Tagsmart that uses cutting edge technology to certify art.

3. Is it safe to pay for art online?

Yes, if you are paying via trusted service. Make sure you are choosing an artwork on a serious platform. I sell artworks on Artsper as well as my own online gallery where collectors can pay with PayPal. If you are buying from an artist directly, I would advice to use PayPal as well. This service is easy to use and you can always file a dispute and get your money back if something goes wrong.

4. What if I don’t like an artwork that I’ve bought online?

Most online art selling platforms offer a 14 day return. Please make sure you read the terms & conditions page before you buy an expensive artwork. If it is not what you expected, you will have to return it within a certain period of time, so don’t miss the deadline.

5. What if the artwork arrives damaged?

Galleries and artists who are shipping art of high value always insure it. So if you receive a damaged artwork, refund should not be a problem. However, I would advice to check it with the seller prior to the purchase and make sure that the artist or gallerist you are buying from will insure the piece shipped to you.

Hope you found this blog post useful. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments!

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