5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Art as a Valentine's Day Gift

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Art as a Valentine's Day Gift

First things that come to our mind while thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts for our loved ones are sweet and romantic things that we can eat, drink, wear or consume otherwise.

But have you ever thought that an artwork makes a very special and unforgettable gift for Valentine’s Day? Not sure? Here are my arguments.

1. Love inspires artists

Whether it is visual arts, music or poetry, there is no need to explain in detail that all artists have created some of their best works when they were in love!

It is a feeling that moved them ad boosted the creative drive, resulting in beautiful and powerful artworks. So this is my major argument and I personally think there is no better gift for a Valentine’s day.

Nude in Red - Modern Abstract Art Print on Canvas

Mysterious and passionate Nude in Red by Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis

2. Art is loaded with emotions

Artworks inspired by love are very powerful emotionally. Whether it is a painting, sculpture or a print, if the main subject of the artwork is love — it is impossible to remain indifferent. We feel this energy that artist has put in the work immediately.

Little Crows, 2023, bronze sculpture by Aurelija Šimkutė

3. Art is unique

Valentine’s Day gifts are special, because they are bought for very special people in our lives, who deserve something really unique, not just a box of chocolates or underwear! And what is more unique than art, made by the hands of a passionate creator?

Contemporary bronze sculpture by Aurelija Simkute

Patronage by Aurelija Simkute

4. Art is eternal

If you buy art as a present, it will stay with that person forever, because it can not be eaten, drank or otherwise consumed. 

5. Your Valentine will see it everyday

Art is definitely a very special gift and I assure you, it will find a special place and live together with the person you love.

It will inspire, uplift your loved one and remind about the most tender and passionate feeling you have for each other.

The artwork will remind both of you about the day when you bought that special present and the important meaning the other person has in your life.

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