Abstract art in classic interior? Why not!

Abstract art in classic interior? Why not!

I have a feeling that most people imagine abstract art in contemporary interiors only. Somehow there is a stereotype that abstract paintings and sculptures are suitable just for minimalistic, clean interiors. And those of classic style, luxurious art deco require something figurative and old.

I do not agree with this perception. I think contrasts make our environment beautiful, and one of the easiest ways to create a contrast in classic interior is decorating it with contemporary art.

So, I have selected five pictures of classic interiors and decorated them with abstract art in digital environment. Take a look and you may find some interesting combinations.

1. Digital abstraction

Bright digital abstraction titled "Motive of the Lake" perfectly completes classic interior. 

This vibrant digital artwork by Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis is available in our gallery as limited edition print on canvas

2. Rich texture

Textured, semi abstract landscape by Swiss artist Pius Sieber is a contemporary artwork that adds a special touch to classic style of the home.

This painting, inspired by Swiss mountains is very rich in texture and dominated by soft pastel colours, so it creates a nice contrast between modern and classics. 

3. Abstract expressionism

Typical abstract expressionist artwork by Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis is very contemporary, nevertheless, it looks perfectly matches the classics.

This abstraction is titled "Old Park" and is available as large, high quality print on canvas.

Large abstract print on canvas

4. Colour match

Expressive strokes on by Gina Vor make an interesting combination with classic interior approach. This charming and positive abstract painting is available for sale at our online gallery.

5. Patterns and swirls

Your bedroom deserves some contemporary art too! So make this room special :)

Artist R.Wayne Reynolds (USA) likes patterns and swirls. His artworks are very contemporary but and look great in any interior. You are welcome to take a look at his art on our gallery here.

Please visit our online gallery for more ideas and inspiration!

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