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Painting on Paper | Small Sign No. 7

Painting on Paper | Small Sign No. 7

Small expressive minimalist ink drawing on paper, executed with black watercolour ink. Unique and affordable artwork, may become a lovely gift to a friend passionate about contemporary art, charming decor for modern space.
    Artwork details:
    • Sold to private collector in USA.
    • Title: "Small Sign No. 7"
    • Artist: Gina Vor (Switzerland).
    • Size: 24 x 17 cm / 9.4 x 6.7 in.
    • Year: 2019.
    • Size: 24x17 cm.
    • Watercolour ink on natural white, acid free, rough, age resistant paper.
    • Not framed.
    • Signed by the artist on the back.
    • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

      The painting belongs to the zen art series titled "The Signs" created by artist Gina Vor (Switzerland). Every painting is executed on paper in free strokes and is a representation of the current moment. Artworks from these series remind of Chinese or Japanese writing, but don't have any particular meaning. They are rather the signs of the flow of time, captured by the hand and brush of the artist who values the moment of being here and now while crating these artworks.

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