Samurai, 19,5x19,5 cm
Samurai, 19,5x19,5 cm
Samurai, 19,5x19,5 cm
Samurai, 19,5x19,5 cm

Samurai, 19,5x19,5 cm

This petite painting executed on canvas is free pastel strokes of acrylic was initially meant to be an abstraction. During the creative process the artist suddenly felt the need to paint a samurai, as if the soul of the ancient Japanese warrior passed by her studio. This is how an abstract painting turned into semi abstract, portraying a samurai marching confidently and leaving an empty landscape behind. The artist masterfully uses minimal lines that associate with traditional Japanese haircut and immediately makes the viewer understand who is the subject of the painting.

The painting has interesting structure as the artist used special pastes to add more volume to the  surface of the painting. The canvas is stretched on wooden chassis, signed by the artist on the back and ships with Certificate of Authenticity.

    Artwork details:
    • Belongs to private collector.
    • Artist: Gina Vor (Switzerland).
    • Year: 2018.
    • Acrylic on canvas.
    • Signed by the artist.
    • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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