Pius Sieber

Artist Pius Sieber

Swiss artist Pius Sieber started creating art in the eighties. At first he was fascinated by photography, later started painting and experimenting with sculpture. He was always inspired by adventurous expeditions and spent a lot of time in Egypt, explored the landscapes of Morocco, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and felt the greatness of Bromo volcano in Indonesia.

Colourful and sculpturesque landscapes are my major source of inspiration for Pius, especially deserts. He admires the colours, constantly changing shapes of the dunes and sand as a material.

He returns from all his trips with some sand, soil or volcano ash and uses it to create art. Some of his pieces were born in the desert and later finished at his cosy studio by the mountain river.

"My artworks have a lot of layers. For me it’s like talking to people, I guess it is related to my psychological background. People have a lot of layers. The deepest ones and structures of our conscious cannot be changed, just as the base of my artworks. But upper levels are more flexible, like our mindset or pigments and sand I use to create art" - says artist.

Textured and calming, large and beautiful abstract landscapes by Swiss artist Pius Sieber are telling us about his adventurous journeys to distant lands. These textured paintings, created with sand on canvas, will bring a pieces from most beautiful landscapes to your home - Egypt and Morocco, Alps and volcanos. Every artwork was inspired by majestic natures beauty.