Large Prints

All artworks offered on this page were produced with a strict artist's supervision, printed on canvas in high quality and underframed in Switzerland.

Art Goda offers three types of limited edition prints.

Digital artworks - created by the artist using various digital techniques (photography, drawing, computer software) and printed in limited edition. These artworks are unique collectables.

Digitally manipulated abstracts - created on the basis of unique paintings and drawings, photographed in high resolution using cutting edge equipment and finished with special software. The images were then modified by the artist in the digital environment by changing size, adjusting colours and/or fragmenting. 

High quality limited edition prints - contemporary technology is used to produce beautiful and affordable artworks and share them with art lovers all over the world. Paintings were photographed or scanned in high resolution using cutting edge equipment, post-produced with special software and printed.
All editions have a set number of prints, so when whole edition is sold, prints of the same artwork will not be multiplied anymore.