R. Wayne Reynolds

Artist R.Wayne Reynolds

R. Wayne Reynolds is a professional contemporary artist from the United States. He obtained a degree in painting from The Maryland Institute, Collage of Art. He founded a gilding company right after graduation and dedicated his career to this remarkable craft.

However, the passion for creating art never left him. It was waiting quietly in the background for 23 years, until it could not wait any longer - Wayne sold his gilding company to Sotheby's and started painting and exhibiting again in 2009.

His mysterious, colourful paintings and black and white drawings are inspired by nature and remind us about the infinitive circle of life. Audiences in the USA are already familiar with his artworks and now Wayne is widening the horizons by introducing his art to art lovers in Europe.

”My goal is  to capture and share an  image of the continuousness that I believe in. The universal symbol of infinity represents that endless path for me, with all points being equal, with no beginning, and no end. I invite the viewer to enter these spacescapes to explore, to consider, and to remember, that infinity takes forever,” - explains the artist.

Paintings created by R. Wayne Reynolds (USA) are definitely the artworks that make us stop, look attentively and think. The first thing that attracts the viewer to his art is an interesting technique of painting on different mediums. Our collection features a "The Earth Series. It's Not Ours!". These mysterious, colourful and black and white paintings are inspired by nature and remind us about the infinitive circle of life.

You will also discover several prints of his very detailed paintings that have playful riddles in the title, inviting the viewer to discover realistic objects in the artworks that look like abstractions at the first sight.